Guilt. Oh the Guilt

2014-09-25 16.36.31.jpg

Gosh, I’ve been utterly crap at blogging every day. Turns out I’ve got more of a life than I realised. But I feel guilty. Not guilty about you, necessarily. I know you scarcely give a shit, but guilty for myself. I don’t often break promises, unless they are made in haste or drink. And I really have had the best intentions: it’s just that I don’t seem to get home until 8.30pm and then before I know it, Kimmy Schmidt and dinner, a bit of WhatsApp group nonsense and then I’ll type a couple paragraphs and then I have no mental energy remaining.



*I know the header image has nothing whatsoever to do with the content. But I love this placard so much I feel it needs a public platform.



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