ANNA: A (Short) Movie


I’ve got this friend called Tom, who is 6’2 with piercing blue eyes and a caramel-smooth English accent, which hasn’t even a twang of the US, despite the fact he has lived in LA for near enough a decade. He spends most of his time drinking mojitos and basking in the Californian sunshine. (The dickhead.) But don’t hate him too much, because he has also been working very hard, writing movies in between Skyping to offer advice on my tragic love life.

It is no surprise, what with my influence, that Tom’s latest short film, ANNA, is all about a relationship that goes terribly wrong. He has put an incredible team together and it is going to be amazing.

Tom is currently crowd-funding for ANNA, and because he has been such a brilliant friend to me (what with the romantic advice and the trips to LA and the lakeside holidays and the Bloody Marys and that time he played me La Roux’s Bulletproof to stop me crying about my ex again) I said I would write about it on my blog and ask readers to donate, pretty please, if you have any spare cash and like the concept. (And it’s the least you can do, what with having milked the fruits of my creative labour for free these past three years.)

If you’d like to check out Tom’s campaign and maybe pledge some money to help get the film made, you can find it by clicking here.

Peace out.


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