Another Interlude: Advice for Men


Today, I saw the above ‘meme’, posted by a caddish friend on Facebook. I was moved to offer him the following advice, which I share it here because, God knows, there are men who need it:

Fuck off. This is how to keep a woman happy: Call when you say you will, reply promptly to text messages, be consistent (no disappearing off the face of the Earth, or going cold and moody for no reason and then suddenly being all affectionate again), occasionally pay for shit, look respectable, serve her well sexually, don’t be a liar or a cunt and say nice things about her looks and her mother.

You’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “Another Interlude: Advice for Men

  1. Anamjyot says:

    Hahaha.. I am a pretty new follower but I’m just in love with your blog.. The self-inflicted humour πŸ˜‰ and the great details just remind of Bridget Jones Diary.. Keep rockin! Luv

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