A Self Indulgent Interlude

Hola Blogfans,

Forgive me for disrupting the established order of things over here at Reasons to be Single. I should probably also say welcome, welcome warmest of welcomes to those of you who have arrived via the Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist. I hope you’re totally loving what you’ve found. (These are hyperlinks to my favourite posts – I warned you in the title that this would be self indulgent – if you’re wondering where to start, Dreams, Rap Music, The Sopranos, The Hatred. I will be expectantly waiting for regular readers to post their own faves in the comments section to help you further).

Anyway, I’ve broken the carefully honed structure that it has taken months to develop, just this once, because I can (the blog is MINE*), to ask you – pretty please with cherries on top and those little silver balls – to vote for Reasons to be Single (that’s me) in the ‘Sex and Relationships’ category of the Cosmo Blog Awards, in which, if I haven’t made it clear, this blog has been shortlisted (woo!).

Those of you who’ve been here before will know that I hardly ever ask you for stuff*. I am a giver and I’m very self-reliant. But I do also like to win – as I don’t play competitive sports I rarely have the opportunity to do so in the Real World. Unfortunately, unlike sex and cooking, winning this award is not something I can manage all on my own.

And look at me, look: I’m being very polite – do please vote for me – even though politeness is a thing that is incredibly hard for me to do.

You can vote by clicking on the pink thing below, and completing the voting form.

nominate me

Normal service will resume on Thursday.

All the love,
Kate. x

*Apart from that last time when I asked you all to nominate me to Cosmo – thanks to those who did, SUCCESS!

**That was a reference to the Brandy and Monica song I linked to in the Music post the other week. Props if you got that. I’m not sure I would have.

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